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Designer:  Eiji Uemura
1929 UEMURA PEARL CULTURE established
1986 Eiji succeeded pearl business
1995 started jewelry design

Eiji Uemura was born in Minamiise-town,which is known as a perfect place for cultured pearl.He grew up in the surrounding of pearls and finally succeeded his father’s pearl business.

Uemura maki-e pearls are made by producer instead of designer.
He believes that pearls have much possibilities to show their unique splendor.
For this reason, although he was a producer, he tried to communicate with consumers face to  face.
The sincere efforts are worthy of so many up-to-date designs , and those designs exiled the invariable designs for jewelry.

Encounter with Japanese tradition
He searched for a ideal decoration for his pearls from those Japanese tradition materials for years and finally got what he want. 
By applying the gifts from the mountain, such as bamboo and maki-e lacquer, to his pearls, he succeed in merging the art of the mountain and the sea into a irreplaceable harmony.

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Eiji Uemura